Five Dock is a quiet suburban area that is around 10 Km away from the city centre of Sydney and here most of the people live in detached houses and individual bungalows, having private gardens adjoining every building. All these old gardens often need the tree services Five Dock from a reputed tree related agency, like Sydney Tree Company for beautifying the garden once again that can also increase the resale value of that property in the real estate market.

Most beneficial services offered by Sydney Tree Company

  • When the old trees of the garden die due to old age or thunder or being infected from any virus; the house owners need to avail the tree removal Five Dock service of Sydney Tree Company, for the safeguard of the garden’s beauty and also to prevent the falling of the dead tree over any part of the house. Our skilled professionals know to neatly remove all parts of the dead tree, without disturbing the other nearby vegetation of the garden. If the stretched roots of any tree are found to be damaging the house, it can be removed skilfully by our experienced arborist Five Dock to save the property of the client.
  • If any tree naturally grows in a garden and cause obstruction to any part of the house or cut across the path of the electric lines or cable wires, the house owner can be best benefitted from the services of tree lopping Five Dock of Sydney Tree Company. Our well trained arborists can advice about the right steps to be taken for the best interests of the trees and the garden, as well as the client’s property.
  • When any tree grows to be dangerously tall and shady that can be harmful for the other plants of the garden or may encroach to the property of any neighbour, our efficient tree pruning Five Dock service can help out the house owner from all these problems, by properly pruning or cutting off the threatening parts of the tree, without causing any serious harm to its overall health. Our expert arborists also identify the weaker or diseased parts of any tree and promptly trim off that portion, to stop the spreading of the infection to the whole tree.
  • When any old tree is broken off by the storm, the remaining stump needs to be fast removed from the garden. Our professionals use the latest equipments to grind the stump on the spot and even bury it under the ground. Thus, the house owner can use that space for planting new trees.
  • Our arborists can easily clear the garden from all kinds of unnecessary weeds that mar the beauty of the garden and may threaten the nutrition of the other plants.

Therefore, the residents of Five Dock are greatly benefitted by the timely services of Sydney Tree Company and we are always available for any emergency service of cutting the fallen branches of any tree and prevent the damages of the house or removal of suddenly uprooted tree. So you just need to contact us through our website with all your contact details, so that our professionals can contact you promptly and solve your problems regarding your garden trees.