Tree lopping Wahroonga service is a common term in this region which is a town in Australia, and many people often opt for this service. However, it is not always a good idea to choose for this kind of tree services Wahroonga because it often damages the health of the tree. During lopping, the extra branches are cut down to maintain the shape and health of the tree, but it often backfires. A person mostly opts for lopping because it helps them to retain the shape of the tree which will increase the face value of the house.

Lopping serves as an easy method for a homeowner to reduce the height of a tree whenever it goes too high. Large trees around houses block the sunlight and the wind which become problematic for home owners, so they opt for tree pruning Wahroonga services.

However, we don’t advise homeowners to lop their tree because it has many cons and before lopping, our arborist Wahroonga first assesses the tree and then they provide the final judgment whether lopping is needed or not. We always advise our clients to not go for lopping by themselves, as they might harm the tree during the process.

Disadvantages Associated Tree Lopping

The followings points will depict some of the disadvantages associated with tree lopping, and these are some reasons because of which our tree removal Wahroonga organization always takes the assessment as the priority:

  • It is a scientific fact that when an owner lops their tree, it removes most of the leaf-bearing crown of the tree and this tree lopping Wahroonga stresses the tree. Leaves serve as a food source for the tree, and when they are removed, it makes the tree starve. So it becomes prone to disease and infestation.
  • It has been seen that lopping causes decay in the tree and it occurs when pruning is done along the limb of later branches. The cut made in those areas becomes permanent which tree fails to close them. Those areas start decaying which is not a good sign for the tree, as a part of tree pruning Wahroonga.
  • After pruning, trees have fewer amounts of leaves, so the branches and trunks are exposed to harmful sun rays which sunburn the tissue located inside the bark. This sunburn leads to various kind of issue which includes the death of branches, cankers and bark splitting, thus need immediate tree services Wahroonga.
  • A tree looks good when it grows to depend upon its natural branching, but pruning destroys the whole biological order. When trees are lopped, it makes the tree ugly by leaving ugly stubs. The tree looks blemished and mutilated when the natural form is destroyed. According to our arborist Wahroonga, the tree loses its biological form after pruning, and it is never able to regain that form.

It is evident that lopping often leads to hazard because the tree has survival mechanism which forces it to produce a large number of shoots from the areas of lopping. These shoots gain tremendous height within a year, but they don’t possess strong holding capacity. So during a storm, they tend to fall down and needs our services of tree removal Wahroonga.