We’re pleased to announce that Sydney Tree Company has become an approved contractor with Local Government Procurement (LGP).

LGP is a wholly owned subsidiary of Local Government NSW.

This not-for-profit organisation connects its customers with professional and reliable contractors (like us). LGP helps councils, universities, government agencies, departments and organisations to obtain quality goods and services in a quick and cost-effective manner, within their budget constraints.

As you can imagine, not any contractor makes this exclusive list!

Sydney Tree Company underwent a strict vetting process to become an LGP Approved Contractor….and we passed with flying colours.

What does this mean for LGP members?

LGP customers looking for tree removal services will find our quotes on a list of approved contractors that are securely contracted to LGP. It makes the tendering process easier, as you don’t need to shop around for a contractor that meets your high standards.

Why should you care about any of this if you’re not an LGP member?

For example, you may simply be an individual who’s concerned about the health of a tree in your backyard.

When you contact Sydney Tree Company, feel confident that you’re working with a trusted and qualified contractor who complies with relevant laws and guidelines.

Remember, we’ve passed a rigorous approval process for local government authorities, so we never cut corners. We go out of our way to provide quality services at reasonable prices – whether you’re an LGP member or not!
Sydney Tree Company has 20 years of experience:

Our qualified arborists handle everything from tree surgery and removals, to pruning and property care. We advise you on the best course of action and even provide advice on introducing new trees to your property.

Contact us on 0431 732 265 to request a free quote, or let us know if you have any questions.

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