Mulching is the process of laying or placing a material over the soil of your garden, covering it totally. Mulching can prove to be one of the more beneficial methods of ensuring your garden maintains its essential nutrients. There are various types of mulch that can be placed on your garden too provide different levels of nutrients. Mulches range from shredded bark to grass clippings and newspaper. It is essential to mulch your garden for the best results.

Mulching is an essential process when referring to the conservation of water in your garden. Research shows that mulching can prevent water loss in your garden by over 20% which means the evaporation rate of your garden is reduced, increasing the water storage capacity of your garden. Soil is the basis of life for all plants. We may not be able to create soil, but we can assist its recreation by returning natural materials, like mulch, to the earth. Through this process, the soil is becoming more fertile, allowing for greater chances of growth.

One of most beneficial uses of mulch is to supress weeds. Weeds can appear anywhere in your un-mulched garden and cause drastic problems. Weeds can over grow your garden, causing your luscious plants to be overtaken, become malnourished or die. But this can all be prevented with the effective mulching of your garden. Mulching is the best way to prevent the further growth of weeds in your garden.

Mulch not only reduces water loss, but also insulates and provides a buffer for the soil from the heat and cold. Heat is one of the main sources of malnourished, dry soil which prevents the growth of plants, rendering the garden useless. Cool temperatures on the other hand can cause the ground to become compact, and hard for plants roots to grow. To prevent these problems from occurring in your garden, mulching is the best option.

To produce the greatest results for your garden and its plants, the paramount option is to mulch your garden. Mulch has an endless list of positives when referring to your garden and the soil, in both the long term and short term. Mulch provides protection for your garden from both the heat and the cold, maintains water and allows for greater nutrients, all whilst keeping weeds suppressed.