Tree removal can prove to be a dangerous task when the correct method is not followed, creating problems for everyone. To successfully remove a tree requires a vast knowledge about all the aspects around tree removal which include the dangers of the tools being used, tree physics, cutting techniques and more. There is a strong possibility that people who are not qualified,  will be injured in the process of removing a tree due their little knowledge of the procedures involved, not leaving it to the professionals.

One of the biggest issues surrounding the removal of trees is powerlines. It is risky and very dangerous to work around powerlines and it must always be assumed that the wires are live. If yourself, or your tools were to hit the power lines, there is a strong possibility you will be severely injured, whilst also knocking out the power in your neighbourhood. In the case that a tree limb hits the lines, one that you just cut off, there is a formidable chance that you will knock out the power and receive a hefty fine.

Using the correct equipment is essential to receiving a safe outcome when removing a tree. It is required by law that whilst cutting down a tree, safety equipment is to be worn, to ensure no one is seriously injured. Professional tree removers are trained to use specialised equipment such as chainsaws, ropes, cranes and wood chippers. Whilst being able to buy this equipment at the local hardware, house owners in most cases are not trained properly or professionally, meaning there is a higher risk of injury when people attempt to remove a tree instead of hiring a professional.

Decaying wood is another danger surrounding the removal of trees. A dead or dying tree usually decays from the inside out, meaning there is a greater chance of it being unstable, and incredibly dangerous. At times, professionals are required to utilise all their equipment to safely remove a decaying tree. If it appears that a tree has begun decaying, it is highly recommended that you seek a professional to remove it before it unexpectedly falls. When removing a decaying tree, it is required that someone with an extensive knowledge on tree biology is present, meaning hiring a professional is the best option.

In short, homeowners should not attempt to remove trees as it can cause major problems. The process of removing trees must be left to the professionals to ensure everyone’s safety.